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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for you or your family can be kind of daunting when faced with so many options. So to make things easier, here are some pointers to keep in mind. After all, when you’re wanting to capture a special moment in your life, it’s pretty important who stands on the other side of the camera.

Someone Whose Style You Like

This one if first because it is often the very first thing you notice. When you look at a photographers’ website or socials, you immediately notice their aesthetic, vibe and overall style of their work. When you’re window shopping for a photographer, definitely keep in mind how your home looks. Do you have a lot of warm colors in your home? Maybe a more earthy feel? Then you should consider hiring a photographer who has that same editing style so that your new family photos will match your house when you go to blow them up and frame them!

Someone Who Makes You Feel Confident

Feeling confident in front of the camera is so important if you want to absolutely LOVE the outcome of your photos. And I’m not talking about how you feel before getting in front of it. Because honestly, who always feels 100% when they are about to do that? What I’m meaning is, does this photographer pump up their clients and make them feel good when shooting? Do they help with posing and give prompts on what to do with your awkward hands? Take a look at their testimonials and reviews to see if any past clients mention these things.

Someone You Can Relate To

When checking out your intended photographer on their social platforms, do they seem like someone you would really get along with? What is their personality like? Do they make funny reels? Do they show who they really are? If those kind of things are important to you then take note! That is probably how they will interact with you as well, which really helps with the whole confidence thing from above.

Someone To Easily Communicate With

I cannot stress enough how communication is so KEY when choosing the right photographer! Make sure to ask any and all questions so that you have a clear idea on how things will go down on the day of the shoot and even how things should be handled before and after! Knowing how their process works and communicating that with each other will really help when it comes to expectations.

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