Ten Women I Follow That Inspire Me

March 8, 2019

They say that when women support other women, incredible things happen, and I firmly believe that. Over the last few years, I’ve really started following more and more fellow women (many of whom are small business owners) and trying to spend my time and energy learning from them. Don’t get me wrong; I still follow […]

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They say that when women support other women, incredible things happen, and I firmly believe that. Over the last few years, I’ve really started following more and more fellow women (many of whom are small business owners) and trying to spend my time and energy learning from them. Don’t get me wrong; I still follow plenty of big businesses, but these ten women are ones that have really spoken to me in one way or another. They emanate light and positivity into their feeds on a daily basis, and I think we need more of that filling our minds. Some of them I know personally, and some have little or no idea who I am. But all of them are women I admire greatly. If you’re not following these women already, I highly suggest you check them out.

Whitney WinkelerWhitney is an incredible water color artist. I personally have two of her prints and dream of having a custom commission done by her for our home. Her work is calming, thought-provoking, and overall gorgeous. She sells prints, textiles, and other items with her watercolors on them, and her work has even been featured on items in Anthropologie. By far, Whitney is one of my absolute favorite artists and I basically want to own one of everything she makes.

Halee Betzner Photography – I met Halee when she photographed one of my best friend’s wedding in November 2017. I was a bridesmaid and immediately fell in love with her style of photography and how she worked with her clients. Her feed is filled with photos that capture the true joy and simplicity in daily life. I am continually in awe at the moments that she captures and how she connects with her audience. When you look at her feed, you know that you’re looking at something pure and special.

Stephie Predmore – I’ve known Stephie for over ten years. We met during our freshmen year of college and she’s been one of my very best friends ever since. Stephie has a food blog called Stephie Cooks, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have contributed a few recipes to it over the years (my famous banana bread muffins and my grandma’s brown sugar fudge). Every recipe I’ve ever tried from the blog has been amazing (although her momma’s Chicken Pot Pie recipe might be my favorite). But in addition to her recipes, Stephie’s Instagram Stories are amazing. She talks about everything from her pets, to her and her husband’s infertility and adoption journey, to Harry Potter, and everything in between. You can always be sure to smile and laugh along with her as you’re watching.

Susie from Busy Toddler – This is an account that I found recently. I honestly don’t even remember how I found it, yet it’s quickly become one of my favorite accounts to follow. As the mom of a toddler and a newborn, finding activities that keep the toddler occupied is vital. Every activity that she posts is simple, easy to set up, and educational in some way. It’s great to have a go-to place where I can find something for Henry to do when I’m stretched too thin.

Julia Mueller from The Roasted Root – Julia’s food photography alone is mouthwatering. But her recipes and cookbooks are even better. As someone who suffers from poor gut health due to Hashimoto’s and IBS, there are many foods that I can’t eat or can only eat sparingly. I benefit the most from anti-inflammatory foods and recipes. It’s been really difficult to find a cookbook or collection of recipes that doesn’t feel like I’m missing regular food. Julia’s recipes are what I’ve been searching for. They are easy, labeled by what type of specialty diet they follow (with adaptations to make each recipe work for you), and they’re DELICIOUS. Seriously… if you have any sort of gut issues, get her new cookbook. It’s available on Amazon and at select Whole Foods stores.

Kristin Wentworth from RunFitMama– I’m pretty sure Kristin was my first friend here in Sacramento. I found her on Groupon when I was looking for a boot camp class to try. It’s been nearly six years and I’m still going to her class. She’s recently gone through a total rebranding and it’s so exciting to see! She is posting all about running, nutrition, and Disney. Kristin has a very practical approach to health and doesn’t want you to deprive yourself of your favorite things. In fact, I knew she was the trainer (and friend) for me when I asked for a brunch recommendation shortly after moving here, and she told us about the most decadent French toast I’ve ever had in my life. She’s also the biggest Disney fan I know and has run countless races in both Disneyland and Disney World. If you’re looking for more info on nutrition, running, or Disney, she’s your girl.

Jen Macintosh – Jen is a planner girl, momma, and woman of faith. All of her posts are informative, encouraging, and just pretty to look at. She mostly posts about how she uses different planners to organize the many different aspects of her life. She’s also not afraid to show when she makes mistakes or has to change plans; I love that she’s totally authentic with what she shares. I would definitely check her out if you’re a planner girl at heart or just want to see some great decor and organizational tips.

Michelle Schmidt – I cannot say enough good things about her. Michelle is the name behind Island Reflections Photography on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. I did a lot of research when looking for someone to take our maternity photos while we were on the island, and Michelle’s photography immediately caught my eye. I am so thankful that we got the chance to work with her; she captured such pure and genuine moments between Will and me. Her entire feed is full of drop dead gorgeous photos of life in Kauai. It’s a mix of her clients and her own life, and every photo is a snapshot of a moment that needs to be remembered forever. Michelle just has that special touch that is something you can’t take for granted in a photographer.

Cate Tinker from Fifth + Bell– Cate is someone else that I met in college, and she has always just had the most positive aura around her. She’s a newlywed living in Wisconsin and started up an online thrift shop. Cate has an incredible eye for detail and I basically want her to decorate my house. You can find her on Instagram at Fifth + Bell, and she ships everything all over the country. It’s the perfect setup for someone who loves thrifting and finding beautiful and vintage pieces but doesn’t want to leave the house.

Theresa Ratermann – Theresa is a fantastically kind woman that I met while taking photography classes after moving to Sacramento. She has created an Instagram feed with the most gorgeous photos of nature that I’ve seen in a long time. Each photo has so much emotion behind it, and I find myself staring at them for long periods of time simply trying to take every detail in. Every image is stunning, and she is just so talented. It’s awesome to see the people I took classes with go in all different directions with their photography, and Teresa’s nature photographs are truly spectacular.

Life’s funny sometimes. I never in my wildest dreams thought that social media would be a place where I would do anything but share random photos and thoughts from my life. But it’s turned into a fantastic platform and way to share ideas with the world. I’m truly thankful that I found these ten women, and I hope that they inspire you as well.

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