Bowlsbey Ranch – Leaving a Legacy


It’s not every day that you come across a farm-to-fork event on a former airplane landing strip on a ranch. And while that may be special by itself, that is the uniqueness that encompassed each detail of this gorgeous evening celebrating the closing of a 60-year chapter for the Bowlsbey family.

Glen (Bud) and Sally were married in their early 20s and purchased land outside of Sacramento. They had two daughters, Jennifer and Dawn. Bud grew corn and other crops, and was progressive for his time in many ways. He utilized a newfound irrigation system on the ranch that is much more widely seen today. He was a man of honor and of integrity and always fought to do the right thing in life and in business.

He loved flying his Cessna between ranches, to Tahoe, and even to Colorado to buy sheep. Sadly, he passed away when his youngest daughter was just a young child. Sally farmed the ranch for a few years, continuing the tradition of being an upstanding and strong business owner, but eventually decided to lease the land to the Schene family. These two families grew close and worked together to take care of the land and keep it thriving.

Yet every chapter in life must come to a close. This event, beautifully organized and designed by Outstanding in the Field and deliciously catered by Chef Oliver Ridgeway, was the perfect celebration as the Bowlsbey family prepared to sell the land. There was not a detail that wasn’t personal in some way. Even the lamb that was served was from the ranch.

The event was attended by about 100 of the family’s closest friends, and it was absolutely evident how beloved Sally and her daughters are. And what was so beautiful was not only the admiration for Sally and the Bowlsbey family by the Schene family, but the admiration for the Schene family by the Bowlsbey family. Even as the Bowlsbeys prepared to sell the ranch, they sought out a buyer who would allow the Schenes to continue leasing the land. It is that kind of care that makes their collective story so special.

Throughout the night, stories were told, speeches were given, and by the end, everyone had shed at least a few tears. It was clear that this property was more than just land. It was family; it was home; it was love. That’s the kind of legacy that everyone should strive to leave.

Less than three weeks after this heartfelt event, Sally Bowlsbey passed away. While her family is hurting, they are also so grateful for the memories that were shared at this event. They did not expect to be closing an additional chapter in their family story so soon, but they know that their mom’s legacy will live on.

And although chapters may end, it doesn’t mean that the story is over. Bud and Sally built a legacy for their daughters that included far more than the ranch. Love, honor, and integrity. Those are the qualities that will extend beyond the selling of the property; that is how their legacy will continue forever.


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