When you take a photo, you can see the end product in your head? But what if your phone or camera didn't quite achieve that? That's where presets come in! The perfect way to edit all of your photos on the go with Lightroom Mobile, this preset collection will help give your photos new life!

You want your photos to reflect the vision you had!

imagine printing and framing the photos that you took on your phone that look likee a professional edited them!

i see you there...

Containing two black and white presets and four color presets, this collection gives you plenty of options as you go about editing your photos in Lightroom Mobile!


Kathleeen Curto Preset Collection

These two presets work for a wide variety of photos to create different moods depending on your personal preferences. Both of them lighten up the image and then go their separate creative ways! I love using both of them on my photos at home.

You'll be able to find the perfect color preset for all of your photos using this preset collection! Your imagination is your only limitation with these! Designed to brighten your photos, these presets will give your photos a finish that will have you rushing to get them printed!

Here's What You'll Get

Two Black & White Presets

Four Color Presets

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Haven't used Lightroom Mobile before? No problem! I give you step-by-step instructions on how to install your new preset collection. Once you have them installed, you're able to immediately start editing!

Installation Instructions

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I'm Kathleen, your  storyteller & photographer friend.

As a mom of two kiddos and two cats, I know how quickly photos can accumulate on your phone. I wanted a way to elevate the photos I wanted to print and share with others, and this preset collection was born!

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