Why You Should Consider a Year-long Photo Package for Your Baby

When you’re expecting a baby, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with options. Which carseat to choose? What baby book is the most comprehensive? (Spoiler on that one, it’s this book.) Will the baby sleep in our room or the nursery? What baby carrier will be best suited for our lifestyle? But there’s one more important question that all parents should contemplate:

What photo package is right for our growing family?

“I was hesitant to purchase the milestone package because I knew I would take a zillion photos of my baby. But, I’m ecstatic that I did! It was important for me to capture these monumental points in my baby’s life. Seeing her growth from newborn to six months and at a year has been amazing. Her personality has just blossomed and we are thankful we have the photos to remember her at this young age. These are the photos I have framed all over our house and will cherish forever.” – Sarah (mom to Abigail, age one)


Sarah’s story is a common one. When you’re a first-time parent (or second or third-time parent), thinking ahead for the next year’s worth of photos isn’t always on the to-do list. But let’s be honest. Babies grow at an alarmingly quick rate. It seems like you can blink and your child is two (that actually just happened to me). And while many parents choose to get newborn photos taken, most stop there. But whether it’s your first, third, or fifth child, the entire family changes over the course of a year. When you’re a new parent and get newborn photos done, you are adjusting to being a family of three and everything is new; by the time your little one has reached his or her first birthday, you’re a different family. And babies aren’t the only ones that change over the course of the year. Other children grow and transform as well. That beauty and growth deserves to be captured.

Every single morning when my son wakes up, I am simply amazed at how he seems to have grown overnight. I chose to have family photos taken numerous times in his first year, and they have been worth every penny. Looking at the photos of him at one day old versus one year old is legitimately mind-boggling. Henry might only be two now, but he already likes looking through those old photos. He’ll squeal with glee saying “Baby!” while he looks through them. And I can’t wait to continue to add to our photo collection so that he can see our family through the years.

But if you’re still not sure, I’ll leave you with one more word from Sarah: “If you’re on the fence about it, just do it. We all want to slow time down, but having these moments frozen forever is the next best thing.”

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